Abandoned farm SCORE!

I got a call to pick an estate that was home to the local towns slaughter house. It sounds creepy, but it hasn't been used in almost 100 years. The family has been using it as storage and let me tell you.... the scores I found in there! There was a LOT of work involved mind you, but look what came of it!? Many creations coming right up! This however, was a 4 layer barn door, trimmed down and treated. Wait until you see the nasty surprise that was discovered half way through the process! Add in 2 old Gun crates and some elbow grease and you have one sexy little rustic coffee table! When I say little, I mean 4 feet by 3 feet! Each photo should have some info on what's being done. Feel free to pop on over to my facebook page and see some progress shoots on the rest before I upload the entire process here! Sneak peeks! https://www.facebook.com/gypsybarn
Here she is all finished up! You wouldn't have guessed how much work was involved! And off to live a fab life in a fab new home!
Here is the door before. Weighing about 150 pounds. 4 layers of boards!!!! This was taken after about an hour of pressure washing to remove the many years of grime that had built up!
Here is a shot of the gun crate after she was cleaned up and before the stain hit!
I had to trim the door down to specific size. 4 ft by 3 ft. A little bit lighter now, but revealed a nasty surprise hidden!
The excess trimmed bits fell apart to show off a lovely mess hidden between them! mildew and rot! Even after a week of drying in the sun, the centre was soaked! Sterilized and wood rot stabilizer added, and she's as good as new!
A great shot showing the three stages of colouring. Au natural, a little darker with some conditioner and then of course the stain!
Last bit before assembly, stain the crates to tie it all together! I chose Varathanes stain and poly in one. The colour is called Dark Walnut.
Here is a little sample of some of the goodies we hauled out - about 1/3 of the load.
here's the creepy old house. It hasn't been used in almost 100 years for the old fashioned food production, however has been sitting as a storage unit on a stunning farm! FULL of goodies to revamp!~

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