13 Storage Ideas That Will Instantly Declutter Your Kitchen Drawers

If your drawers are all messy and cluttered with utensils, you need this.

By Hometalk Highlights

Hang measuring cups on your cabinet door

Add a measuring chart so you never have to pause while baking a cake.

Separate everything with drawer dividers

Keep your baking and cooking utensils in order and get rid of the clutter.

Or hang them on oven racks on your wall

Get them out of your overstuffed drawers and onto your blank walls.

Use a ladder to hang your pots and pans

Hung above your kitchen island, this makes your pots available and easy to reach.

Or build your own pot rack with hooks

Sitting just under the lights, this is great for your tall kitchen ceiling.

Keep spatulas in designated jars

You’ll never have trouble finding your spatula again.

Hang measuring spoons on a tie rack

A perfect way to keep all your measuring gear right near your bake station without taking up room.

Keep things from mixing together with pegs

Install a pegboard in your drawer to keep everything in its place.

And apply the same thing to your dishes

Especially in deep drawers, this keeps everything neatly stacked and organized.

Hang everything on a pegboard wall

You’ll know where everything is, and you get to display all your fancy cooking utensils.

Stick knives on your wall with a magnet strip

Make sure the magnets are strong enough to hold them.

Keep all of your silverware in chic cans

Get them out of your drawers and in chic decorated cans.