Add More Pantry Space With These Brilliant Hacks

Your tiny pantry and kitchen is no match for these ideas

By Hometalk Highlights

Install a pull-out pantry in your wall

If you have a blank wall like this, a small pull-out pantry is the best way to use it.

Turn a filler panel into a pull-out drawer

This takes some work, but that extra secret storage area is so worth it.

Build drawers to go under your cabinets

Use up every piece of empty space in your kitchen.

Or build your own slide out shelf

You’ll need to know how to use a drill, but this rolling cabinet is the answer to all your troubles.

Add some storage bins for under your shelves

This will keep your pantry looking great, and it adds so much extra space.

Hide your cans in a slide out shelf

This thin cabinet fits in that little nook between your fridge and wall.

Install sliding doors to limit swing space

It won’t do much for your pantry, but your kitchen will feel much bigger.

Hang a shoe hanger for more space

Small snacks and condiments can stay here leaving more room on your shelves.

Repurpose a coat closet

This closet was so close to the kitchen, that it became the perfect spot for all their pantry needs.

Build your own small pantry shelf

These thin shelves did the trick for this tiny kitchen.

Repurpose a bookcase with little effort

Add some wheels and a bar or two and this baby will roll anywhere.