Need a pest control for roaches!!

What service shall I ask for when looking for a pest control for roaches all sizes specially little ones, there all over the house, even on the clothes, please help, I'm in Phoenix az.
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  • Johnchip Johnchip on Nov 11, 2016
    You will have to bomb/fumigate every room to get to them in the walls, conduits and floors. Do not remove things unless you fumigate them seperately, as you will just bring the critters back in. They may also exterminate by putitng chemicals at the foundation on the outside perimeter of the home. Do not be satisfied with the just putting gel or tabs in the house, you need to bomb /fumigate.
  • SusanB SusanB on Nov 11, 2016
    I Spray Bengal every 2-3- months. We live surrounded by woods and seldom have a problem I also spray porches to help keep them outside!
  • Marcia Ellis Marcia Ellis on Nov 11, 2016
    Boric Acid tablets - available just about everywhere. They can be placed in areas where roaches love to live, behind the stove, refrigerator, sofa, television. Just don't put them where children or dogs can get to them easily. Works like a charm and much less hazardous to your health than fogging with insecticide.
    • Ken Gregory Ken Gregory on Nov 27, 2016
      This is a very good Idea and also there is a all natural fixes out there also, but I would get some professional help if they are as bad as you speak of in your house.. One thing yu can say is the Roch is only as cleanas your house.
  • Ljgordon Ljgordon on Nov 11, 2016
    Sometimes you have to use a blitzkrieg, shock and awe to get started. Fog bomb the attic with several bombs. They like to hide in the attic. Than bomb every room at the same time. Buy boric acid and put it everywhere. WARNING Will Robinson. If you can see the boric acid the roaches can see it and avoid it. It has to be spread very, very thin so they will not notice they are walking on it until they do. They will lick it off and it will kill them. Thin. Thin. Thin
  • Jane Jane on Nov 12, 2016
    If they are that bad then you need to get a professional to get rid of them. If you have garbage laying around or food being left out, that just feeds them. When it gets to the point of being on your clothes, called the pro
  • Mat12046444 Mat12046444 on Nov 12, 2016
    Diatamaceous Earth works great. Dust the powder in every crack and crevice.
    • Jennifer Oaks Jennifer Oaks on Nov 13, 2016
      GREAT Answer!! I was going to say the exact thing. I had a flea infestation, an dusted my entire house. With a carpet brush I ground the D.E into the carpet to take care of every cycle of the flea life.. I can honestly say, I have no flea issues, I also dusted my yard, especially up against the home. No Ants, earwigs, silver fish (which I had large enough to use as bait for It has reduced the amount of spiders I have to tend with. I live a few blocks from the beach, it never freezes here. So some things never die out, from season from season. THIS WORKS! D.E. (Diatamaceous Earth). Get it Everywhere ! **It won't hurt animals or children. *It dries out the insect. An it will kill ALL cycles of the lifecycle. I wish you well. An am SO SORRY you're experiencing this horror.
  • David Rossi David Rossi on Aug 31, 2018

    Thanks for sharing.

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