Get Rid of Your Carpet Staircase Without Hiring a Contractor

If you're thinking of ripping out that carpet, you're gonna want to see these.

By Hometalk Highlights

Widen the stairs with new skirts and treads

This DIY couple made their steps even longer with new stair skirts and extra wood.

Cover up open edges with molding

A quick fix, and it makes your staircase look regal.

Revamp your stairs with a mosaic pattern

We can’t stop looking at how gorgeous these stairs are!

Paint the wood with chalk paint

Is there anything that chalk paint can’t do?

Stick on some photographic wallpaper

Your stairs will look so much cooler than with the carpet.

Replace the treads with beautiful wood

These red oak treads totally transformed the staircase.

Paint them with a runner

It will look so cool and you’ll never want a carpet again.

Cut your own treads out of pine wood

They are easy to handle and make a great finish paired with white paint.

Contrast your stairs with black and white

You can't change the color of the treads and skirts with carpet.

Paint your handrail to match

Sometimes the look isn’t complete until you finish painting the whole ordeal.