15 Reasons to Drop by the Thrift Store Before Christmas

You'll be amazed at what you can do with those random finds.

By Hometalk Highlights

A $3 cheese dome turns into…

This cheese dome was on sale for a good reason, but this blogger knew exactly what to do.

...A darling Christmas skating pond

This little thing adds the right touch to any Christmas decor in your home.

Old cookie cutters transform into…

These cookie cutters had been used plenty of times, but not like this.

...Glittery Christmas tree ornaments

The music notes make it the perfect ornament for any baker or musician.

A pair of wooden salad tongs become…

You would never think of using salad tongs for Christmas decor.

...Adorable Frosty and Santa faces

You can hang these up practically anywhere for your Christmas decor.

A bunch of wooden scraps turn into…

These pieces of wood were going to the trash, unless someone came up with a good idea for them.

...A word-filled Christmas tree

We love the levels of inspiration and love on this wood tree.

A used weaved basket becomes…

A basket has so many uses, but we never thought of this one before.

...The perfect stand for your Christmas tree

This basket was the perfect size to hide the boring and generic stand.

A group of wooden clothespins become…

These clothespins weren’t just made for hanging clothes.

...Glowing Christmas tree angels

The best part is you can hang them anywhere on your tree.

A pack of used flannel shirts turn into…

We see these in every thrift store, but we never pick them up.

...A winter-ready wrapped wreath

This is so simple and easy to make, who wouldn’t want one?

A bunch of wooden bowls stack into…

These beaten bowls needed a new life, and pronto.

...A chic and pretty candle stand

The perfect thing to give your home that warm and snuggly feeling during the holidays.

An old photo frame becomes…

She found this and a bunch of Christmas bags at the store, and then an idea struck.

...The perfect place for holiday cheer

With some Christmas bags, this frame turned into a fun holiday message.

A simple red serving tray becomes…

This red serving tray already had the Christmas theme, now all it needed was a purpose.

...The perfect way to serve coffee and tea

You’ll love how easy it is to bring hot drinks from room to room.

A bunch of shower curtain rings turn into…

These shower rings were going to be thrown out.

...A sparkly white Christmas tree

Who wouldn’t love having something like this on your mantel?

An old pair of white socks become…

You don’t even need a pair, one lost sock from the laundry will work, too.

...Adorable mini sock snowmen

These cute little sock men are just what you need for your Christmas decor.

Old flannel scraps of shirt become…

These shirts were used for other projects, and there wasn’t a lot left.

...Reusable comfy hand warmers

Fill these up with some rice, sew them up, and you can use them again and again.

Used plastic water bottles transform into…

This DIYer took recycling to a whole new level.

...Santa’s boots filled with candy

Who needs stockings when you’ve got something like this?