What's the easiest way to clean mini blinds?

The easiest way to clean mini blinds that you can't take down.
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  • Cathie Mars Cathie Mars on Nov 14, 2016
    an old pair of socks on your hands or even a pair of cotton gloves . Just run your hands over the blinds with socks or gloves on. You can even put one on wet with soap and the other one just wet with so you can wipe the soap off.
  • Marsha K. Sober Marsha K. Sober on Nov 16, 2016
    Use a soft , new paint brush
  • Ann West Ann West on Nov 19, 2016
    I have the 2" faux wood blinds on 14 windows in a rental property I own. No one ever cleans them & they can get pretty dirty. I take them down & put them in the bathtub. I use bathroom cleaner, or any good household spray cleaner of your choice, & spray them down. I let them soak for a few minutes & then rinse with the hand held shower sprayer. If you don't have a sprayer just fill the tub with some water & rinse. I then prop the blinds up on their ends to drain. I usually leave them overnight to dry & rehang them. I have had to use a long handled scrub brush on especially dirty ones. I have a cheap toilet brush I use just for a scrub brush that works great.
  • Patsy Romero Patsy Romero on Nov 20, 2016
    It depends on how dirty they are, if they're disgusting, I just install another set. If they're kinda dirty I go with the bathtub and I use water and oxy clean.
  • Diane Heater-Hoadley Diane Heater-Hoadley on Nov 20, 2016
    It says blinds u can't take down. Dusting them with a glove is fine but if they're more than dusty u need something wet and that would be messy. Isn't there any other ideas?
  • Sherry Siedenburg Sherry Siedenburg on Jan 15, 2017
    Aa can of compressed air (the type used for cleaning computers) wotks great. You can the wipe off the excess dust woth dryer sheets to reduce static cling and slow down dust accumulation.
  • ARLEEN ARLEEN on Nov 15, 2018

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