Repurposed Red Cedar....RIGHT OFF THE CURB !

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Driving down the street, I noticed a piece of furniture in front of my neighbors house, of course, I turned down the block to investigate ! My neighbor was outside and she said, "I was going to call you, but it's in really bad shape." ..Challenge accepted...this was a cedar cabinet !
Ah, yes...some wonderful individual with great vision decided to spray paint the outside of the cabinet inspiring !!! ...The doors were hanging off and a few DIY repairs were was the skill level of the previous owner..haha
One look at the gorgeous cedar inside had me completely inspired. My husband, A.K.A my prep guy had many concerns regarding restoration..... I had an online consult with my friends and fellow repurposers, and it was unanimous .....PART THIS PUPPY OUT !!!
Jim went to work on the first piece featuring the cedar {after stripping off the spray paint of course} ...I had been visiting my family in NJ when inspiration struck....he decided on a console table .
Armed with just his ingenuity , no proper plans, he built this awesome piece from the cedar doors and some repurposed pallet wood from a large crate. ..I was thrilled when I got home and this one of a kind creation was waiting for me in my workshop !!! ...Because, you see....I had just received my order from Unicorn SPiT....several colors of a new product, SPARKLING STAIN.....I am so not kidding..this stuff is intense !!!
CROW, is a sparkling true black stain.....CAN YOU STAND IT ????......I added 1 part Crow to 3 parts Lici Thunderbird....
HERE'S LICI.....RED DELICIOUSNESS and it sparkles !!! ....The new stains are infused with the scent of lemongrass.... not only is it so fun, but it's theraputic and smells awesome. My 3 parts Lici to 1 part Crow gave me a rich, deep red.
Because Unicorn SPiT is a stain, it picks up all that majestic grain in the cedar...casting a prism of red hues on one piece .
The sides were painted with a dark , almost gunmetal gray chalk paint, that I mixed myself from remnants of other projects...I distressed the sides and used my US mixture to glaze over the paint....the distressing picked up the rich red, tying the whole piece perfectly together.
Because Unicorn SPiT is waterbased, I did have to seal with an oil based sealer...I chose SPAR poly in satin for my sides.
HOWEVER......SPAR poly in GLOSS made the shelves sing !!!!
Between the colors and the shine..... no one would have guessed this cedar was left for trash just a week ago.
I cannot WAIT to see what Jim creates with the cedar we have left..... stay tuned.... maybe I'll stain the next piece purple !!! :) ....

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  • Unicorn SPiT   (
  • Repurposed cedar   (curbside)

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