Mold on leather, walls and cabinets

Hey guys I need immediate help. My rental house has started to grow black mold. There is not moisture under the house the dirt is bone dry and sort of dusty showing no moisture at all. The roof had green moss at one time but we bought some stuff about 3 years ago and that is not back. We had 3 huge trees cut down and now the sun is in the backyard really good. There are no leaks in or around the plumbing. We cannot find a reason the mold would be showing up on the peoples stuff and the wall of the closet. They do not use the a/c only window fans since they moved in. We had the a/c person come out and check to see if we needed a dehumidifier installed and he said only if we want to spend the money but it is not necessary. He did say a dehumidifier would help but when they turn on the heat, it would go away. Please let me know what you know about this.
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