21 Jewelry Organizing Ideas That Are Better Than a Jewelry Box

There are so many cooler ways to organize your jewelry than in a box.

By Hometalk Highlights

This frame with a vintage hook

We have to admit, this looks really cool to hang your jewelry on.

This incredible line of clothespins

Such a brilliant idea to hang all of your necklaces with modern art.

This hidden jewelry cabinet with a mirror

Instantly see how great you look after putting on your jewelry.

This painted frame with chicken wire

Why have we never thought of this idea before?

This rotating display from a cereal box

Ever want those rotating boxes to keep all of your jewelry? This is how you make one.

This great decor piece with floor samples

Nail in some screws and you have a statement wall piece that also showcases your beautiful jewelry.

These pretty pebbles on your wall

Can we just say how stunning this looks?

This organizer with shower curtain hooks

This is definitely in the top running for most amazing things you can do with shower curtain hooks.

These stacked dishes with candlesticks

Place this chic jewelry holder on your vanity or nightstand for instant glam.

This reclaimed window shutter

Those slats are perfect for dangling earrings!

These hinged window panes

Clearly windows are the new trend for hanging jewelry.

These stacked paper towel rolls

If you are desperate for a new jewelry hanger, this is a great and free idea.

This chic antler piece

We’re not sure how many people have antlers lying around, but we had to include this idea.

This reclaimed and painted soda crate

Can you think of anything better to put your chunky bracelets in?

This reused vintage oil can and skewers

We would never think of this combination, but it clearly works well.

This hanging wooden branch

Find one in your backyard, add hooks, and you’ve got yourself a great jewelry organizer.

This old dye rack that displays everything

It keeps your bracelets and earrings organized and available to see.

This frame with a sheet metal backing

It looks pretty and has perfect sized holes for your earrings.

Or this one with foam hair rollers

Keep your rings standing up and on display with this cool and cheap idea.