Cut Up Styrofoam for These Breathtaking Christmas Ideas

Who knew Styrofoam could look so pretty?

By Hometalk Highlights

Turn them into winter snowy candle holders

Make a beautiful snowscape in your own home with these easy candle holders.

Pin them with pearls and flowers

It might take some time, but these centerpieces are so simple to make, and they look fabulous.

Spray them into sparkly tree ornaments

With some glitter and glue, these Styrofoam balls are beautiful, and they won’t break.

Light them for colorful marquee letters

These cute letters will light up any room.

Glue them into glass gem Christmas trees

Who doesn’t love sticking these gems everywhere?

Pin them with buttons to make little trees

Cover your Styrofoam with fabric, then pin on buttons for these cute trees.

Turn them into a snowflake wreath

This light up piece is so pretty and simple to make.

Glue them into musical pinecones

These ornaments look adorable and are perfect for any music lover.

Poke them with faux flower stems

These flowers might be fake, but that wreath looks gorgeous.

Turn them into trees with velvet

These elegant trees would look good on any mantel.

Form them into a wood carved bowl

Yes, you can make Styrofoam look like wood, and it’s so cool.

Cover them with gold thumbtacks

It takes a bit of time, but this wreath is quite simple to make.

Or with frilly gold yarn

These gold mini trees are absolutely adorable.

Stack them into a cute snowman

We want to make a bunch of these and stick them all around our house.

Glue them into a stunning wreath

These ornaments go on so easily with a bit of hot glue and a foam base.

Cut them into a cute door hanger

Who wouldn’t want this adorable thing on their front door.