10 Jaw-Dropping Fireplace Makeovers We Can't Stop Looking At

Seriously, these fireplace transformations are stunning!

By Hometalk Highlights

Before: A dull and green area

You didn’t even notice the fireplace with this mucus green color and white inset.

After: A farmhouse look and cozy area

With the shiplap wall and farmhouse decor, who wouldn’t want to snuggle near this in their bedroom?

Before: A tall and bare wall

This huge wall badly needed something to draw the eye upwards.

After: A stunning beveled mirror

Using mirror tiles, this DIYer figured out how to bring the wall and the fireplace together.

Before: A typical brick fireplace

Nothing in this room made it special or stand out.

Before: A big and brown TV space

Although pretty, this 11 foot mantel was too dark and brown for the room.

After: A stunning and simple shiplap wall

Now the mantel doesn’t loom over you, and the entire room is more bright and laid back.

Before: A small TV area with no character

You couldn’t even fit a bigger TV in that small space.

After: A beautiful mantel and shiplap wall

This wall now grabs your attention in a good way.

Before: A plain and dull area

Even with the built in shelves, this wall needed sprucing up, fast.

After: A bright and decorated area

The teal backing to the shelves and tasteful decor transformed this place into a welcoming living room.

Before: A detached fireplace and mantel

Everything looks separated and small with the mantel blending into the wall.

After: A stunning, painted mantel

With just some paint - yes, paint! - this entire room was totally transformed.

Before: A dark and dull wall

The fireplace was gorgeous, but that maroon wall just wasn’t doing it.

After: A colorful piece of woodwork

The different shades of wood brought design and color to this room.

Before: A soot covered and rusted area

The granite lacks design and character.

After: A stencilled fireplace with character

That stencil and a couple pieces of decor totally transformed this old fireplace.

Before: A dark and spooky seating place

To some this might look comfortable, but this DIYer had better plans.

After: A high-end and designer fireplace

We're still in shock at this stunning transformation.