Problems installing new washer and dryer

Hello! We recently purchased a new washer and dryer. Our old dryer, new with the house in 1982, finally just outright died - beyond repair. The washer, 20 years old since it was replaced one, still works, but is leaking a little, so we decided to get both new. That is when the trouble started. We have had two attempted deliver/installs and twice now I have had to turn them back - I will not accept them until we can test them, and we have been unable to do that.
Problem 1 - the standpipe (laundry is in basement) is about 5 feet tall. This was fine with the original washer, and the replacement one, but the new one discharges from the bottom and the supplied hose is not long enough to reach. I was told by GE to buy a "extension hose" and that would solve the problem. I really hate the idea of connecting hoses together to do this. One person advised me to cut the pipe down, but it is attached to the wall - I think the brackets might be able to be unscrewed, but is not clear if the pipe will then move freely enough to cut it. any advice on this issue that does not involve getting a plumber in?
Problem 2 - the dryer vent - the store required us to buy a new one, but when they came to install it, they told me the one they sold me was too short, and even though they sell longer ones, they will not install the longer one. One solution was to put the old one back up - the one my husband took down - and then we would hook it to the dryer, since the installers will not touch old vents. Another was to put a partial vent on and then they would hook up the new one to the extension. I am finding extensions unattractive in my mind. Again, any advice is appreciated.
Thanks so much for any help you can give us!
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