Windows steam up

We purchased a ranch home built in 1957, it has large windows and every am the glass is dripping with water. On a budget, what can I do other then wipe them down multiple times a day? HELP!
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  • William William on Nov 18, 2016
    Are they single pane or double pane windows?!
  • Bau14292879 Bau14292879 on Nov 18, 2016
    double pane, anderson crank out windows
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    • Bau14292879 Bau14292879 on Nov 28, 2016
      thank you, we bought a dehumidifier and it is taking 3 gallons of water out a day, now the windows are staying dry. maybe a dehumidifier would help your problem .
  • William William on Nov 19, 2016
    It appears you have a high humidity problem in your home. Double pane windows have an argon gas in between the two panes for insulation factor. If your windows are cloudy or moisture in between the panes then the seal has broken and the gas has leaked out. Glass panels can be replaced. If they are clear then there is excess humidity in your home causing condensation on the window glass. Here is a link that may help you out. *****
  • Bau14292879 Bau14292879 on Nov 20, 2016
    a special thanks to William who took his time to send us a link with information, we purchased a dehumidifier :)
  • Shawna Bailey Shawna Bailey on Dec 02, 2016
    Great Job answering William, did that solve your problem?
  • Kmdreamer Kmdreamer on Jul 07, 2021

    Crack a window a tiny bit to let the humidity out that will stop it open we’re the humidity is just a little it might be that the sun is on the window to .opening the window would be the easy way.