Update - Vintage Garden Tool Gate in Situ in the Garden

I promised an update once this gate was completely finished and in its permanent home in our back garden. Here it is, located at the end of a path. It draws the eye out across that side of the yard to the perimeter of the garden almost. It is a fake gate - being secured by brackets on the right hand side gate post in the photo.
The steppers in this photo have yet to be set in sand to stop them moving underfoot. The path and gate are more of a decorative feature than a functional one.
The gate posts are H4 treated pine and I painted them with a grey decking stain that dries black. This tones with the black painted gate frame. I used a double shovel post digger to make the holes which are 40cm and 50cm deep (it is on a slope) The treated pine post was 3 metres in length and the hardware store cut the post in half for me. The posts are set in rammed earth rather than concreted in. Galvanised steel brackets hold the frame of the gate to the posts and are situated at the rear of the posts so they cannot be seen from the front.

Suggested materials:

  • H4 treated pine 3m post  (timber and hardware store)
  • Galvanised brackets and screws  (hardware store)
  • Timber stain  (already had this at home.)

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  • Mickey Baron
    on Dec 3, 2016

    This gate is my all time favorite! SO unique, SO inventive, SO unusual, I am SO jealous! Must have. TY for showing this masterpiece.

    • Carole
      on Dec 3, 2016

      Thank you! I must admit I saw a gate made from rusty tools on Better Homes and Gardens Australia (they have TV show here and I also get their magazine) and would it be too bad of me to say it, but I do like mine better! They used a rusty frame and gate posts, whereas mine is dark, almost black which I think sets the tools off better than a rusty frame which blends with the tools. Oh, dear, now I feel like I am blowing my own trumpet! LOL! All kudos for the welding part of the project goes to my neighbour Neil who did the welds for me. I placed the parts where I wanted them to go and he made it fit and work so all the parts had best point of contact for welding to each other.

  • Jeannie Carle
    on Dec 20, 2016

    I just so love this! Absolutely my kinda thing! TY!

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