DIY Wooden Christmas Trees

5 Materials
30 Minutes

These trees add some rustic charm to your Christmas decor. They are also fun to decorate with the little ones.. Or if you’re like me.. they make you feel like a kid all over again! I had so much fun making them. PLUS they are verrry cheap to make.. If you use pallet wood like I did, it’s practically free!
diy wooden christmas trees
These trees are made entirely from pallet wood! If you have an old wood pallet laying around, deconstruct it and cut strips of wood into a desirable width for your branches.
diy wooden christmas trees
Start by cutting a strip into a decent sized triangle. This will be your tree top.
Then measure and cut other strips to varying sizes to create the cascading branches. For more details on how to cut and assemble, visit my full post here!!
diy wooden christmas trees
diy wooden christmas trees
Line up your tree top and branches along a trunk. Using wood glue and nails, attach the branches to the trunk. It should look a little something like this...
diy wooden christmas trees
The next step is to attach your tree to a base, so that it may stand up straight!
Cut a square or rectangular piece of pallet wood and again, using wood glue and nails, attach the trunk.
Remember for a more detailed instruction on this step, view my full post here!!
diy wooden christmas trees
Here is what your trees should look like assembled! Aren't they adorable?!? Now it's time for the funnn part.. Decorating!!
Here are some examples of how I decorated mine...
diy wooden christmas trees
You can add stick on stars ...
diy wooden christmas trees
You could add words or a quote...
diy wooden christmas trees
You can add ornaments.. (and yes that's glitter glue!)
diy wooden christmas trees
Or just simply paint them white..
diy wooden christmas trees
Finally why not have some more fun with the glitter glue! I felt like I was back in primary school :)
Or if you would like to make them more neutral you could simply stain them!
Thank you for joining me and I hope you have a great Christmas!!

Suggested materials:

  • Pallet wood
  • Acrylic paint
  • Stickers
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Ari Goldberg |  VivaLasDiy

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