Where to buy flocking powder?

I live in Ontario Canada and would like to purchase flocking powder, and I was wondering if you know where I can find it.
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  • William William on Nov 22, 2016
    http://www.rockler.com/retail/stores/ca/ontar... ***** You can check Hobby Lobby and Michaels. Also you can buy online.
    • Pat Pat on Nov 22, 2016
      Michaels in Canada does not seem to carry the product & there are no Hobby Lobby's here or even close to border. Will now check online.
  • Kath Kath on Nov 23, 2016
    you can find it at Amazon.com
    • Pat Pat on Nov 27, 2016
      Thank you, I was hoping for something local, to get it in time to flock my tree for Christmas.
      Will order from Amazon.com and hope for the best.
  • LaFern Chandler LaFern Chandler on Nov 26, 2016
    I got mine at Amazon.com. Here is the name of the product.

    The Original Professional Grade Pure White Snow Flocking Powder~ Sno-bond Flock Superstick Flock with Opalina Flakes (Iridescent) Artifical Snow Flock.

    Easy to use with great results! Also fast delivery!
  • 7218805 7218805 on Dec 12, 2016
    I just checked out our Amazon.ca and boy is that stuff expensive! Wasn't there a tutorial or post in an email recently about someone who used an alternative product like borax mixed with something? Try to google tree 'snow' to see what you can come up with. Good luck!! I know it's out there! The shipping from amazon.COM can be ridiculous!
  • Lyn Buerger Lyn Buerger on Dec 15, 2016
    What color are you needing, and how much. Somewhere in my junk room I have about 100 bottles and I never use it anymore. If you do not find let me know and I will hunt.
  • User User on Mar 23, 2017
    Our company is is a professional manufacturer of flock powder,if you need ,please contact me :wechat:+8615800019164



  • Tammy Tammy on Nov 05, 2020

    Can someone tell me if this is same has snowflock powder

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