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Trio of Mini Junk Angels

If you love upcycling, recycling or reusing junk, I have a super easy project for you today. Junk Angels.
I have a great pile of junk. It’s a well refined, sort of eclectic collection, accumulated over years of scavenging. If I thought I could use an item in a future project, it was tossed into my box-o-junk.
So now I have a great pile of knobs, hinges, washers and dowels and I'm thinking junk angels, just in time for the holidays... though personally, I think angels should be around all year long.
For these mini angels you will need a body, I used some chair spindles because they have a nice round portion that sort of looks like a head, wings and a halo.
Chop off the top of the spindle where you’d like your head to end and sand.
The halos get screwed onto the top of the head.
The two side angels use rusty washers but because the holes were too large, a smaller washer holds them in place.
I’m not quite sure what the middle halo is, but it was the right size and shape.
Drawer handle wings get screwed into the back. If your handle doesn’t have a center hole you may have to drill one.
I picked up this little tube of gold leaf Rub ‘n Buff from Michaels. It also comes in silver and antique gold. Just put a little on your finger and rub wherever you’d like to give your angels a little bling.
So easy and I can't wait to add the trio to my tree this year.
This was my first attempt at small angels. If you would like to see their larger junk angel sisters with wings made of spoons, mosaic, and hinges , make sure you click on the link. Everyone needs more angels in their lives.

To see more: http://scavengerchic.com/2016/11/09/trio-mini-junk-angels/

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