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Guest House Construction

We needed a guesthouse and decided to build one, we didn't have a lot of time, so we ordered a 26 x 26 foot garage package and did not order a garage door, instead ordering a large window to be framed in.
Onn day 1, we started by building a deck, which we didn't take photos of out of preserved 2x6 with no spacing between the boards. We then covered the deck with 1 inch plywood.
On day 2, we realized how lucky we are to have skid steer because there are only 2 of us and we are both "no longer 20". We lifted the 1st 2 sections of wall with the forks and secured them with braces.
We kept standing up walls and bracing them, leveling them then lag bolting the walls to the floor. We kept the skid steer in the front with the forks through the window as insurance!
We lifted the trusses up, one by one with the skid steer and placed them. the we sheeted the roof with OSB
Day 3, Shingled the roof and remembered how old my knees are.
Day 4: A windproof waterproof Tyvek wrap was put on and then we installed the windows. We installed the door and started on the..
eaves and fascia.
Day 5.. Sided.
Outside done! The front.
North side
Added gardens. a small deck and a storage area off the side - accessible from inside and out.
The garage package came with everything, including nails and screws. all hardware and even the outside light.
It was also less expensive to swap out the windows and door than have the garage door.
Total cost: $2500. plus tax. ( Canadian)

Materials used for this project:

  • Garage package without garage door.
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