12 Shocking Things You Can Do With Your Old Dresser

Forget painting it to look like new, these ideas are even better!

By Hometalk Highlights

Turn it into a patio entertaining island

Who wouldn’t want a gorgeous bar like this in their backyard for parties and BBQs?

Repurpose it into an entryway bench

The drawers at the bottom are perfect for storing shoes or other outdoor gear.

Add some veneer and make it a kitchen island

All you really need is an extra piece of wood to lengthen the top of the dresser.

Turn it into a stylish wine bar

This will become your go to station for entertaining.

Or repurpose it into a drink bar

Still need a place for all of your wine glasses? Not anymore.

Turn it into the perfect fireplace

We still can’t get over this clever idea for an electric fireplace.

Makeover it into a pet feeding station

Install the bowls at the top and keep the pet food off of the floor.

Install a sink for a stunning bathroom vanity

If you have an empty sink in your bathroom, try this.

Turn it into a TV stand

This is great for your bedroom because it also means more storage for all of your clothes.

Or go all out and make it a media console

Those drawers can fit all of your remotes in one place.

Keep it outside as a whimsical planter

We love how those flowers pop out of every drawer.

Repurpose it into a jewelry and makeup vanity

This hometalker created the perfect gift for her teenage daughter.