Make Wicker Trendy Again With These Brilliant Ideas

Wicker is not popular anymore, that doesn't mean you have to throw it out.

By Hometalk Highlights

Before: An ugly old wicker cart

This was $2 at a garage sale, and for a good reason.

After: A classy painting cart

It’s amazing what a can of spray paint can do.

Before: An old and dirty wicker rocking chair

No one wanted to sit in this worn and used chair.

After: A lovely chair for your outdoor porch

With some cleaning and a bit of spray paint, this wicker chair became new again.

Before: An outdated wicker storage hutch

Sure, it was useful, but who would want that old-fashioned piece in their home?

After: A stunning red-hued hutch

After the wood got a Unicorn Spit makeover, the wicker looked pretty good.

Before: Thrift store paper plate holders

These are ridiculously cheap, but no one wants to buy them.

After: An adorable jack-o-lantern wreath

Who knew wicker could be used for Halloween decorating?

Before: A boring wicker hamper

This used to be a hamper or a trash can, either way it wasn’t getting any use anymore.

After: An adorable porch planter

Sing a trash bag as protection, this hometalker used this wicker to decorate her porch.

Before: Two deep-seated wicker chairs

The wicker was cracked in a couple of places and looks so old and dingy.

After: A comfy and vibrant place to sit

The red painted wicker and new floral cushions turned this into prime outdoor seating.

Before: A boring old wicker hamper

While this hamper was big, it could definitely use a new look.

After: A color block hamper

With just some paint, this hamper fit perfectly with the new baby room.

Before: A thrift store wine rack

Everyone loves having a wine rack, but no one wants it to be wicker.

After: A bright craft room ribbon holder

The shape is perfect for holding rolls of ribbon, and the turquoise paint is fun, too.