You Never Thought Of Using An Old Fence Like This (12 Ideas)

Don't throw out old fence boards! We've got the perfect upcycling ideas for you!

By Hometalk Highlights

As a shiplap wall for your back porch

Save them from the dumpster and add a little elbow grease to get this free designer look.

As a rustic backdrop for your mantle

After rescuing them, cut off the ends & strip the paint then refinish. Isn’t it gorgeous?

As a gorgeous pipe handle bed tray

Take the boards off an old gate and add some pipe fittings for handles.

As a bright birdhouse trellis

Cut up fence boards, paint them in vibrant colors and then create little roofs out of the extra pieces.

As a beautiful piece of outdoor seating

Simply sand, paint and add old fence boards to the base and backing to get a vintage bench.

As a lovely coastal cottage shelf

Cut up fence boards, paint, wax and distress them to copy this cute cottagy shelving.

As a cool mirror frame for your entryway

Measure the boards, cut them and miter the corners. Add some stain and voila! Simple yet elegant.

As a lovley shutter for your basement window

Take apart a fence gate and stain the boards a gorgeous color to get this rustic shutter look.

As a blanket ladder for some extra storage

Cut some old fence boards into thin strips to get a tapering ladder for your linens.