Don't Throw Out That Old Cake Pan Before You See These 11 Ideas

You might not be able to bake with it anymore, but you can still use it.

By Hometalk Highlights

Use it to create a stepping stone

Cake pans are the perfect cement mold, and this stepping stone can hide your house key.

Hang it as a floating shelf

We absolutely love this creative idea to use cake pans as shelves.

Turn it into a vintage tin caddy

Use this to hold your kitchen utensils or your craft room supplies.

Or spray paint it black for something classic

These flowers still look gorgeous, even in a black bundt cake pan.

Stack it into a tiered stand

Stack two pans with a spindle and you’ve got yourself a great stand.

Turn it into a vibrant pendant light

Use different shaped pans and colors to turn it into a clustered pendant lamp.

Dismantle it into a unique centerpiece

Just paint it and add some garnish for a unique statement piece on your table.

Paint it into a candy cane wreath

Stick a poinsettia in the middle for a perfect Christmas wreath.

Turn it into a shabby gift box

Tape two together and then add in whatever gift you want to give.

Hang it as metal wall decor in your kitchen

Copper pans give off a warm vibe, and they’re perfect as wall decor in your kitchen.