Help with decision for flea market finds

My husband and I have been rebuilding the condemned house that his grandfather build when he came to Northern California back in the 40's while living in the rebuilt 700 sq ft basement that we basically converted to living space, kitchen and all. We just finished with the drywall upstairs and I know I have a while yet but I'm looking towards furniture and decorating the upstairs. Especiallly our very large living room. Over the weekend we found two pieces that we'd like to incorporate into a bar for entertaining and I thought I'd ask every one what their thoughts were about painting vs cleaning up and maybe restaining the pieces. I know this is a touchy subject for some but I'm looking at the fact that the two pieces are from different eras and while they have great lines etc they are not a matched set. He's thinking that we'll mount the hutch part to the wall giving us about 12 to 16 inches between the two pieces so if done right it could look like one piece. I'd love to hear thought and ideas.
help with decision for flea market finds, painted furniture
help with decision for flea market finds, painted furniture
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