Mini Greenhouse From Old Windows That Changes With The Seasons


I've been wanting to make a mini greenhouse for some time now and I was finally able to procure some lovely, old vintage windows for free which were salvaged from an old house in my area. The greenhouse is currently decorated for the Fall season and will change "scenes" throughout the year. I plan on setting up my Christmas village in the greenhouse in December and an Easter theme in the Spring and so on. It’s something so simple yet puts a smile on my face whenever I walk by it. This mini greenhouse is over 5 feet tall but you could easily make a smaller one using smaller windows.
Build a mini greenhouse you can enjoy indoors and change decor with the seasons
You will need six windows of the same size
These are the tools and some of the supplies I used. I ended up saving the gate hinges and sash lock for another project. So for this project, I used 4 corner brackets and 8 hinges.
First determine whether you want your side windows to be attached to the inside or outside corner of your back window, then attach both side windows to the back window with corner brackets at the top and bottom of each corner.
I used 2 hinges per side to secure the roof windows to the side windows and at the roof peak to secure both roof windows together. The remaining two hinges were used to attach the front window on one side so it could be used as a door.
I added a roof peak by cutting the tops off those little garden edge picket fences you find at Home Depot and nailed them into a leftover piece of lattice edge I had on hand. I just placed it on top of the roof.
This is what it looks like once it's put together.
I used a rusty silver spoon as a door handle. This is what happens to your silverware when you accidentally add bleach to your dishwater when washing the dishes.
You can also add embelishments like this wood applique I purchased at Home Depot
I added some bling by turning a silver candelabra upside down, hanging it from the roof and adding some faux pearl jewelry to make a chandelier
It adds a nice warm glow in the evening
Since it is the Fall season and I love chickens, I created a chicken coop theme as my Autumn theme.
A little scarecrow to guard those eggs
This is the view from above
Add some fall foliage and the greenhouse is complete.
The Christmas Village in the Greenhouse
Christmas Village at night.
The greenhouse now resides outside on the BBQ Island

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