How to Make a 15 Min. Turkey Cheap and Easy!!

Great for the holiday season, this cute little guy is easy to do..
Using the upper part of the sock you will make the turkey.
Take the upper part of the sock and rubber band the end tightly. Turn inside out so that the rubber band part is inside and not showing.
Roll the lower part of the sock so it looks like a winter hat.
Next get a jar or something rigid to hold the upper part or "body" of the turkey so you can fill it.
Make a makeshift funnel, I used paper and glued it together. Then begin adding rice. I purchased mine at the Dollar General. Fill and tap down so that you can fill to the top solidly.
Then rubber band the top of the sock filled with rice. Take the red yarn shown in the photo and tie it part way down the body. Creating a body and a head.
Then take whats left of the sock which is the foot of the sock put it onto the head of the turkey.
Now its time to attach the feet. The feet are easy to make and cut out. I used paper but you can use felt. Apply hot glue to the base of the body and attach the cut out piece to the bottom of the turkey.
Next you can apply the googlie eyes to the face portion of the turkey. Then cut a small triangle out for the beeck.
Next apply the feathers one at a time with hot glue to the other part of the paper you cut out. Attach with hot glue to the rear side of the sock to make his feathers.
Ta-da you are done. What the video for more complete instructions.

Suggested materials:

  • Sock,  (Salvatiton Army)
  • Bag of Rice  (Dollar General)
  • Hot glue  (
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