Bucket Planter

Summer annuals and outdoor herbs are pretty much finished for the winter months. So, I had these two galvanized buckets to put away. But, I was lucky to get this wonderful pulley from my husband and I just had to put it to use right away!
Attaching the buckets could make an all season planter.
All that is needed is the pulley, two buckets, and a rope to hang them. That's it! It's easy DIY and cute farmhouse style decor at the front entrance.
bucket planter, gardening
The scrap rope I had was too light to look as aged as the rest of my materials. I dyed it in a black walnut bath that I reserved from my walnut shell project that you can see here.
bucket planter, gardening
After staining the rope, I hung it to dry so I could handle it without staining my hands.
bucket planter, gardening
Then, ran the rope through the pulley to attach the buckets to each side.
bucket planter, gardening
Double knotting the rope to the bucket handles secured them onto the pulley.
bucket planter, gardening
For the holiday season, I added some seasonal sprigs to add color to the front entrance. What's great about this new fixture is how it can be decorated for every season. I can already envision flowing buckets of flowers in the spring and summer.

Suggested materials:

  • Pulley  (Amazon)
  • Galvanized Buckets  (Target)
  • Rope  (Walmart)
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  • Nancy
    on Dec 9, 2018

    How large are the buckets? Seems like standard ones would be too large.

    • Jaime Darr McClead
      on Dec 18, 2018

      THEY also sell these buckets at some Dollar Tree stores and Dollar General stores..... I live in Pa... found them many times.. I think Walmart as well for like $2.00 each they also have the white washed ones at Walmart. 😊

  • Nina Li
    on Dec 16, 2018

    What kind of plant is that? It’s very pretty.

    • Jaime Darr McClead
      on Dec 18, 2018

      Try the Dollar Tree stores as well they have them there much cheaper than craft stores....😊

  • Monica Klink
    on Dec 16, 2018

    I'd really like to try this project ! Just wanted to ask what did you use at the end of the rope ? It looks like a little piece of wood

    • It's just the wooden handle on the buckets. All I did was tie the rope on one handle, fed the rope through the pulley, then tied the other end of the rope onto the other bucket handle. Hope that helps. Thank you!

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  • Bonnie Bowness
    on Dec 5, 2017

    Hi Hon I think your project is one of the sweetest on this site.Its just so simple and elegant and really caught my attention. I just love your style and you did an awesome job! Thanks for posting. CHEERS!!!!!!
  • Jacqui
    on Jan 2, 2019


    I have an identical pulley that I found at the Farm my husband grew up on and wanting to figure out a way to use for decorating our home. Your idea is perfect!!! I also have the rope and various sizes of buckets to work with in pulling (no pun intended) this project together. Thank you for sharing your project.

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