Start Your Own Lemon Trees From Seed

The process to start your own lemon trees from seeds is much like the process for starting your own apple trees from seeds. The difference is temperature. Apples like it COLD and lemons like it HOT … well, warm, anyway. But before we begin, let me clarify that this was just an experiment! We are aware that these pretty little trees will not produce fruit that is true to the parent (which was never the goal), and in fact, they might not produce at all unless properly grafted. We acknowledge that we still have much to learn about fruit trees, and as we learn more, we will share it with you. I plan to study up on grafting over the winter. Nonetheless, these little trees make lovely house plants and have a pleasant scent. So although they may never produce a thing, they are still fun to have around! Please do not interpret this article to mean more than is intended. Thanks!
Digressing, I did not think to take a lot of photos of the entire process when I did this, because at the time, I wasn’t blogging. However, I will soon go buy some lemons, photograph the process, and edit this post so you can see it as it happens. For now (since I have folks asking), click the link below to see all the steps.
Time: 45 MinutesDifficulty: Easy

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    • LInda Pemberton
      LInda Pemberton Pflugerville, TX
      on Nov 13, 2013

      My mother rooted and grew several lemon trees from "store bought" lemons. I have a Meyer lemon tree I bought at Home Depot and it has produced seven large lemons this year. So I plan to use some of those seeds to try this. They are beautiful plants and the blooms are gorgeous and very fragrant. As we live in central Texas, Mother just pushed her little lemon seeds into a pot of soil and kept them moist on the kitchen window sill. She had a VERY green thumb.

      • Polly Zieper
        Polly Zieper Fort Lauderdale, FL
        on Nov 13, 2013

        Why don't they produce fruit regularly? I'm a newbie:)

          • EMILY
            EMILY Red Oak, NC
            on Nov 14, 2013

            @Homestead Chronicles If the seeds come from a hybrid lemon, this is why the plant / tree will not reproduce lemons. It is the same for other plants, too. When I was a little girl, natural foods had not been tampered with. We could save the seed from apples, butterbeans, and potato eyes... These could all be planted, nurtured and grown to produce fruit or vegetables just like the parent plant did. However, once scientists got involved and interrupted the natural reproduction process by making all sords of cross-breeds, hybrids, and plants resistant to many things, it messed up the reproductive process of all food plants and trees. If you cut an eye out of a potato you buy at the grocery store and plant it, you will get a beautiful vine but no potatoes. Same for any other fruit or vegetable...