Frugal Four Season Burlap Wreath

3 Materials
2 Hours

Need a cheap, quick and versatile wreath? This one's for you all you'll basically need is a pool noodle, glue gun, burlap and a needle and thread to make a few easy stitches.

First I measured off the amount of burlap I'd need to cover the noodle and a little extra width to create a fringed edge as seen below.

Laying the burlap strips end to end I secured the seams with a glue gun to create one long continuous strip. The strip should roughly be 1 1/2 to 2 times the length of the pool noodle to allow for gathering.

Next, I wrapped the burlap around the noodle to get the measurement for the seam I would be sewing to make a tube shape to slide over the noodle.

I hand stitched with a simple running stitch the entire length of the burlap strip.

Once the seam was finished I could slide the sewn tube over the noodle and give it a scrunched look.

The ends of the pool noodle were cut on an angle for a better fit when joined. I added a twig from outside to the center hole for extra gluing surface and secured all pieces together with a glue gun.

For added strength I even had to seal the edges with duct tape, there was a lot of resistance with the noodle wanting to straighten itself out again!😄

I used gardening wire to wrap around and create what would become the hanger at the back for my wreath.

I made a boutiner of sorts and added a safety pin to it as a means to swap it out with the seasons.

I made a simple burlap bow and glued it as a permanent look to my wreath but the snowflakes are a temporary seasonal accent as is the boutiner.

A Summer look was a butterfly accent and a bright tulip boutiner.

Fall? An owl and autumn leaves of course and Spring? I'm thinking....eggs in a nest and tree buds about to burst open. The options are endless...I love the versatility of this Project! Thanks for taking a look!

I thought I'd share my easy 2017 update, love trying new looks so here I simply stuck in the Winter boutineer again and hung a pair of little girls skates that I purchased for decor purposes only. The ideas are endless when you have a blank wreath to play with!

I've just completed a new 2019 version of this versatile wreath seen here

Suggested materials:

  • Burlap  (Fabric store)
  • Pool noodle  (Dollar Store)
  • Wreath Accents  (Dollar store)
See all materials

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  • Cathy Rizzo
    on Apr 2, 2018

    So I sewed the strips together but when I tried to pull through the noodle, it tore right up to where the fringe is and fell apart. What an I doing wrong? How did you create your fringe?

    • Lola beckwith
      on Sep 6, 2018

      i think you probably didnt leave the pocket big enough if it is to tight it will stress the material to much and make it fray. i would probably use hot glue and glue it first then stitch it. the glue would keep it from fraying . just an idea.

  • Cathy Rizzo
    on Apr 2, 2018

    So I sewed the strips together but when I tried to pull through the noodle, it tore right up to where the fringe is and fell apart. What an I doing wrong? How did you create your fringe?

    • Julie
      7 days ago

      Maybe after you sew it try using tack glue to glue the seams together which would probably help with the fraying/ pulling apart.

  • Amber Pine
    on Jul 29, 2018

    Could you show how to make one of the boutineers?

    • Sea Trace Creations
      on Oct 26, 2018

      Claira I considered that an honest and fair question to ask, sorry I wasn't prompt in answering.

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  • Roger
    on Dec 4, 2019

    Beautiful 😁😁😁Tracy I think I have seen some of this and more beautiful crafts that you do 😉you are holding back a lot of nice things you have done to

    Your uncrafty neighbor 😁😁Barb

    • Sea Trace Creations
      on Dec 4, 2019

      I knew it was you aka Roger, thanks for your encouragement. You are mentioned in my dresser post! Lots of projects when you hit my page here!

  • Karen
    on Jan 15, 2020

    Loved loved loved this project ❤️❤️‼️

    I will definitely try this one!!! Such an easy way to change your wreath,..especially if you’re not the crafty type 😊

    • Sea Trace Creations
      on Jan 15, 2020

      Definitely, the dollar stores have so many seasonal accents that would make it easy, peasy to change it up as often as you'd like. Thanks Karen, I updated this wreath idea and just tried another new style, it's found on my Hometalk Profile.

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