Forget Your Tree! This Will Make You Rethink Where You Hang Ornaments

There are so many other places you can hang your ornaments!

By Hometalk Highlights

Place them in a group of vases

This adds instant Christmas decor without any fuss.

Drop them in your wine glasses

A few ornaments in an epsom covered wine glass adds classy and snowy decor.

Twist them around your banister

Keep the christmas vibes going all the way to your bedroom with this idea.

Put them on your bathroom vanity

Incorporate Christmas decor in every nook of your home.

String them above your fireplace

We love this gorgeous garland idea.

Use them as elegant place settings

Tag a name on them and give everyone a gift as they sit at the table.

Stack them into an ornamental topiary

These work on your porch, mantel or entryway.

Hang them from your chandelier

We’re thinking of keeping this chandelier up all the time, we love it so much.

Or directly from your ceiling

Grab a bunch of twigs to turn your room into a winter wonderland.

Hang them on chalkboard as an advent calendar

You can keep them here, or hang one up on your tree each night before Christmas.

Fill your lamp base with them

What better way can you think of showing off ornaments?

Or just keep a few in there

We love how the bright blue ornaments reflect the wintry design in the lamp shade.

Place them on your mantel as a garland

Add some bows and topiaries for the full effect.

Glue them onto a pool noodle wreath

This has got to be the easiest way to make a stunning Christmas wreath.

Place them outside on your porch

Make your neighbors slow down as they pass your house with these bouncy ball ornaments. (Rob & Courtney M.)