This one with industrial bookshelves

We’re just going to sit here in awe at those shelves and pipe supporting.

This shiplap storage and organizing wall

There’s no better way to get that rustic charm than with shiplap.

This chic white desk and bright pink chair

Can you think of any office better suited for one who loves pink?

This one with a plank wall and lounge sofa

Keep your stress levels to a minimum with this sofa and lounge area.

This one with a full-length chalkboard wall

Your brainstorming will go on for hours with this huge place to write down your thoughts and ideas.

This simple and minimalistic one

It makes sure you keep your work materials to a minimum.

This one that can be hidden away

An essential feature for a home office, so you can separate your work from home.

This one facing a wide window

This is actually the least coolest part of this whole office.

This one made in a clothes closet

If you have an empty closet in your home, here’s what you should do with it.

This one that fits in under the stairs

We love how this blogger turned a tiny space into a productive one.

This farmhouse one with a pallet board desk

Who wouldn’t love this handmade and rustic desk?

This simple one with a fun rug

A geographic pattern brings in some style without much hassle.

This one that takes center stage

The raised platform separates the desk and chair from the rest of the room.