Transform Your Cheap Planters With These 15 Stunning Ideas

Why buy an expensive one when you can just transform your cheap one?

By Hometalk Highlights

Decorate it with pallet board

Glue or staple them to the planter for a big and decorative planter.

Mod podge it with delicate lace

A bold paint and some white lace turned these ugly planters into pretty little things.

Paint it to look like a concrete planter

This trendy look is very easy to achieve with a bit of paint and texture.

Contrast it with black and white patterns

These old planters got a whole new and bold look that looks great with their plants.

Cover it in strips of burlap

This pumpkin planter got a rustic and fall look with easy burlap.

Spruce it up with white and gold stripes

We’re not really sure there’s anything else that can make a planter look more modern and chic.

Spray paint it to look like stone

These usually cost tons of money, but this one hardly costs anything.

Paint it with white washed paints

This is a very simple fix to bring out the design in the planter.

Decoupage gorgeous patterns onto it

These terra cotta pots got a total makeover with pretty paper napkins.

Turn it into a pineapple with paint

These are so cute, they would make an adorable gift.

Spray paint it to look like galvanized metal

Your planter will never look better than like this.

Give it a marbleized look with paint

This look high-end, but definitely did not cost that much.

Customize it with your photos

Who wouldn’t want another place to display beautiful and personal photos?

Give it a gold geometric design

All you need is some gold paint to pull off this gold leaf look.

Paint it into a friendly face

This adds a pop of color and your kids will love making them.