What is the best landscaping irrigation system?

We had our backyard re-landscaped 2.5 years ago with xeriscaping and they used netafim. We didn't realize this would require constant maintenance, finding and fixing holes caused by wildlife biting the tubing to get at the water. They initially programmed the zones to run twice a day, but we eliminated the night time watering due to so many nocturnal animals biting the tubing when they heard the water flowing. We are still finding puncture holes, though, so think we may need to look at other options. We have a huge backyard with 3 zones, some large trees, lots of bushes and perennials that once established won't need much water. The irrigation is under 2-4 inches of wood mulch.

Just wondering what other people have found to be effective and low maintenance, or maybe there isn't such a thing?
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