Permaculture Method Garden in Process at The Small House

When we first moved to our SW Michigan property 13 years ago, our garden was a model of conventional American agriculture design that included a large lawn of grass, shade trees planted throughout and along the edges, a separate vegetable garden and perennial garden and most of this located a distance away from our house. We have a ways to go but we are working on transforming our garden to the Michigan's version of the Australian gardening practice called permaculture. Why? Read this blog post to learn why...…ening-our-goal/
The traditional fenced in vegetable garden. Maple leaves are brought in each fall to enrich and amend the soil.
The Small House under canopy of magnificent White Oak trees. the leaves are used to carpet the woodland trails.
The bird feeding bed sits just outside the three-season porch and dining room so the bird activity can be enjoyed all year around.
Front side of our repurposed pallet compost bin system that holds kitchen waste. (The boards have been temporarily removed to assist in digging out of the composted soil.)
Ornamental grasses being cut back in the fall and waste transported in garden cart to the compost pile.
The large wire bin (repurposed) holds ornamental grasses and larger stemmed waste that takes longer to break down.

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