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Pet Bed From Pallet - VIDEO

3 Materials
2 Days

Your little dog can be relaxing in style with this cute handmade reclaimed pallet dog bed. CHECK our tutorial video and let's do it for your pet and she/he will be sooo thankful for it. :)
Tutorial VIDEO
what you need:
- 1 pallet
- jigsaw and reciprocating saw
- sander with 100 grit paper
- hammer and nails
- stain
- safety tools (gloves, goggles)
pet bed from pallet video, pallet
Firstly SAW the pallet in half and again in half.
pet bed from pallet video, pallet
Then MEASURE the depth of the pet bed. It’s 17.3 in and NEED 6 pcs slats in this size.
2 for the top, 2 for the side and 2 legs.
pet bed from pallet video, pallet
After that you NEED 1 more stick from the rest of the first halved pallet – it’s 24.8 in long – and 1 cube. And the last slat you need is a 13.7 in long for the front.
USE a recoprocating saw by taking apart.
pet bed from pallet video, pallet
The next step is creating the entry of the bed - SAW a 8.6 in wide gap by the right side.
FIX the cube to the sticks left by the entry – it will be the left side of it.
pet bed from pallet video, pallet
SAND the surface completely with a 100 grit paper. You can use a rotary tool by the edge and the hard approachable space.
pet bed from pallet video, pallet
BRUSH the dust off and can start to STAIN.
pet bed from pallet video, pallet
After the surface dries JOIN the parts with nails.
pet bed from pallet video, pallet
To your pet bed become more impressive, PAINT little paws on it with white metal paint.
pet bed from pallet video, pallet
Don't forget to check the tutorial video too!!! :)
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pet bed from pallet video, pallet

Suggested materials:

  • Pallet
  • Stain
  • White metal paint

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  • Patricia Vancil Parker
    on Oct 19, 2017

    Did you make sure it was a heat treated pallet and not a chemically treated pallet?
    • Lyn
      on Dec 22, 2018

      Q cavern. Please!!! No name calling!!! Others are reading this and we really do not want to see comments such as yours!! Thank you!!

  • Marilyn K Komarinski
    on Oct 19, 2017

    Any Chance you would have directions for large dogs like Labs?
    • Cher
      on Oct 19, 2017

      Leave the pallet full size size. Use 2 or 3: to stack them high enough for Lab's. Only cut what you need to .
  • Patina Pruitt
    on Oct 19, 2017

    Where do you find the pillow to fit inside? Is it a regular bed pillow?

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