What to do with a vintage fox fur wrap from the 1940's

Well here's a problem I haven't seen before but is totally legit. I inherited a real fox fur wrap from my grandmother...from what I remember back in the 1940's and 50's women who couldn't afford mink coats bought them and attached them like scarves around the collars of their cloth coats. As a kid I thought it was a bit creepy to see my beautiful grandmother with this fox skin draped around her neck but it was part of the fashion of the time and she was so proud to own it. After grandma died my family didn't know what to do with it (none of us are into wearing real fur and wouldn't wear it anyway). No one could agree on what to do with it so as the crafty cousin in the group I was elected (more accurately ambushed) into being the 'keeper of the fox'.
HELP! I need suggestions about what to do or how to use this fur...I'll take any and all suggestions...I just can't toss it. I offered it to a theater group costumer but she acted like I lost my mind for even suggesting that they take it! I thought it would be good for period pieces. I guess I was wrong.
Grandma was a wonderful and powerful influence in all of our lives and was wise, strong, compassionate, fair, kind and had a wicked sense of humor. Her only failing that I can see was her steadfast attachment to this fur fox! I am sure she is giggling from above about my dilemma in dealing with it's disposal. If anyone has ANY suggestions for either finding a home or a use for this fur wrap I would really appreciate it!
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