9 Dining Room Table Makeovers We Can't Stop Looking At

We're totally re-doing our dining room table after seeing these ideas.

By Hometalk Highlights

Before: A dark wood eyesore

This table set was beautiful, but it didn’t match the style in the room at all.

After: A charming farmhouse blue

With some of our favorite chalk paint, this dining table brought the whole room together.

Before: A mustard yellow wood finish

This table was sitting at the thrift store for over a month because no one wanted it.

After: A stunning contrast of dark and light

It’s amazing what chalk paint, a new stain, and re-upholstered chairs can do.

Before: A darkly stained table

You could see every scratch and nick on this table, and it didn’t look good.

After: A sunflower tabletop with rustic chair

By leaving on some of the finish, this became the perfect setting for a hand-drawn sunflower.

Before: A 33 year old worn down table

This table was headed for the trash with its mismatched leaf and worn finish.

After: An elegant and newly polished table

The mauve table legs compliment the newly sanded and stained table top.

Before: An old and water stained table

You could see the water marks left on this leaf table from years of use.

After: A stained wood piece of art

The blue color sits brightly against dark stain, and the birds are just beautiful.

Before: An orange 90s table

You can see that bright “natural” wood color that clearly shows its date. (Viva Las DIY).

After: A modern farmhouse piece

The white legs and dark stained top was all this table needed to bring it to the millennium. (Viva Las DIY).

Before: A mismatched table and chairs

These were bought for very cheap, but they looked hideous when put together.

After: A stunning dark dining table set

This table and chairs look like they were made for each other now.

Before: A dinged and dented overused table

This table was beyond due for a refinishing.

After: A stunning grain sack table

This table got a whole new look with some paint and stencils.

Before: Too much brown with no details

This table had so much brown going on that it hid the beautiful wood details.

After: A detailed and exquisite table

This table was finally able to show off its details and match the room.