Stainless Steel Microwave Remake

I had to buy a new microwave but the type and brand that I wanted was only sold in stainless steel. Unfortunately, I may be the only person in the world who feels this way, it's not a finish that I enjoy. I decided to get the microwave anyway but I would have to change the exterior. I considered multiple options then decided upon peel and stick mosaic tile sheets. It worked great and if necessary I can remove them and put new ones on. They're washable as well.
I measured the microwave then calculated how many peel and stick sheets would be needed. In my case I ordered 2 packages. I have a sheet and a bit extra left over.
Cut the sheets to the desired size. Peel off a small part of the backing and carefully place where you want the tiles. Remove the rest of the backing once the tile is placed where you want it to avoid repositioning which may affect the adhesive. Press down and your done.

Suggested materials:

  • Peel and Stick Mosaic tiles  (Ordered off the internet to get the colors that that I prefer.)

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  • Sandra Kruger
    Sandra Kruger
    on Aug 1, 2017

    If these are peel and stick tiles wouldn't the heat of the microwave loosen the glue? I guess also you wouldn't be able to warm plates by sitting them on top of the microwave as the tiles would stop the heat coming through?

    • Marcia Hunt
      Marcia Hunt
      on Aug 1, 2017

      My microwave doesn't get hot on the outside so I haven't had any problems with the tiles loosening. There is a vent that hot air escapes from in the back of the microwave but I didn't put tiles on that part. I've never warmed plates on the top of the microwave. Couldn't you do that by putting them on your stove top when the oven is on? Briefly of course so they don't get overly hot or heat a cup of water in the microwave then put your plates in there for a short time.

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