Get Your Kitchen Ready for Christmas (11 Ideas)

Stressed out about the holidays? We've got you covered.

By Hometalk Highlights

Hang a winter wonderland on your windowsill

This window display will keep you happy and festive throughout all the cooking stress.

Have your cookbooks on hand

This cookbook stand is the key to having recipes on hand without getting them dirty.

Keep countertop clutter to a minimum

A simple utensil holder will keep everything at reach and organized.

Clean your oven beforehand

Having a clean oven will ensure your food cooks better, and you’ll have an easier time tidying up afterward.

And clean the grease off any appliances

You’ll be much calmer if you don’t leave all the kitchen cleaning to the last minute.

Make room in the refrigerator

And make sure you have all your food on hand with this organizing idea.

Turn old utensils into festive decor

These Santa and Frosty spoons are just too cute.

Keep a drink station all prepped and ready

You’ll be happy to have a hot drink while cooking, and your guests will love it, too.

Place festive decor on your shelves

Nothing says “ready for Christmas” like a wreath and joy sign in your kitchen.

Hang gingerbread men ornaments

It will smell like you’re baking cookies, even when you’re actually burning the ham.

Gather your table decorations and napkins

Knowing how you’re going to set your table, like with these cute tree napkins, will keep your stress at bay.