13 Hot Decor Trends You Should Know About

These ideas are so worth getting excited about!

By Hometalk Highlights

Wood in the Kitchen

It's not just cabinets anymore. Get some wood counter tops and wood accents for your kitchen!

Upholstered Headboards

These gorgeous bed toppers are making a come back and we can't get enough of them!

Open Shelving

Practical, beautiful & easy to copy. We're so trying it out.

Copper Accessories

Don't let naysayers tell you this stunning trend is out. Stay true to your metallics!

Industrial Furniture

Minimalist and pragmatic, industrial pieces add a touch of funky to your furniture.

Furry Futons

Furry footstools, rugs & accents to your room are the new vavoom!

Cork Board Walls

Cork board is the sustainable "It" material at the moment. We're loving how it looks.

Marble Table Tops

We've seen it before but never like this. Marble table tops are getting a metallic & neutral revamp.

Jewel Toned Couches

These stunning rich colors are the biggest trend for next season and we can see why!

Repurposed Furniture

The world of interior decor has finally caught up to DIY upcycling! Feel the love.

Terra Cotta Infusions

Terracotta is the new authentic. Grab as many pots as you can and dot them all over your home.

Moroccan Poufs

This foot friend is all the trend. Swap the multi colored tones for metallics and voila!

Small Decorative Shelves

A unique shelf whose only purpose is to hold decorative items!