Need help - floor covering decision. Limited budget, two dogs, cement

Hi! I Need help on a floor covering decision. We have a limited budget, two dogs, and a cement slab. The berber and thin pad there now are really dingy, and the puppy has torn up a 6 or 8 inch by 12 inch section. A kitchen tile next to this carpet area is broken, and we do not have spare tiles. We are thinking of several possibilities: 1. cut out carpet only in a strip from bedroom door, across entry to kitchen, and under the bar, to the wall. This would mean the dining room would have the old carpet, as well as new flooring. 2. we could take out all the carpet in the main part of the house, leaving carpet only in the bedrooms. More cohesive, but more cost, too? what is better for resale? carpet, tile, or wooden flooring? Which is more money, and which is 'easier' or more DIY friendly? Also, is it possible to break out a few kitchen tiles here and there to replace some with chips, and to create a random pattern, or not random... with new tile? Thanks already for any suggestions! I'll try to get some photos of the areas as soon as I can. Thanks again, Maggie
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