Christmas Choo Choo

My son had wanted to make a roller coaster but, in light of the holiday season I suggested a train. We went with soda cans for the thin metal. I had thought I'd finally found a reason to use my solder iron but, good ole glue from the glue gun turned out to work best... ah well, another time...
christmas choo choo
Step 1: Using an Xacto knife, I cut the top and bottom off of like 11 soda cans. I used most of them. Having a few extra came in handy when I made mistakes.
christmas choo choo
Step 2: Then I slit them to make sheets.
christmas choo choo
Step 3: To make matching sides the same shape and size I used binder clips to hold them together while I cut.
christmas choo choo
Step 4: The pieces seemed to be getting mixed up so I labeled them.
christmas choo choo
Step 5: Start gluing and assembling.
christmas choo choo
front all assembled
christmas choo choo
Step 6: I used Elmer's glue and contact cement. The contact cement dried faster. The Elmer's glue did work but, it dried way slow and liked to puddle up on the metal. I had to spread it thin with my finger before glittering.
Step 7: Glitter!!! :)
christmas choo choo
Step 8: I used the red glitter bottle as a stencil for the big wheel and the white paint bottle for the little wheels.
christmas choo choo
Step 9: Hot glued them on.
Note: Let glue dry first or wipe away glitter and glue, or just don't put any where the wheels are going to go to begin with..
christmas choo choo
Step 10: I used the glue gun in a similar fashion to how you might icing on some snow when doing a gingerbread house. I also added this all over the roof and hood.
Note: Do all glitter before this step. I forgot I wanted some garland and had to work it in there after adding the snow. It was manageable but, it would have been easier if I had remembered to do it before.
christmas choo choo
Step 11: I used the glue gun here too and added a bit of glitter very quickly.
glue gun glue dries quickly. It's just cool like that.
christmas choo choo
oooohhh sparkly....
Step 12: I added some snow on the top of the wheels with the glue gun in a similar fashion as the roof.
Then I painted all of the glue gun snow white and added a bit of silver glitter.
Step 13: I made a caboose for the train as well following the same basic steps.
christmas choo choo
Step 14: I also made 2 trees to put in the caboose.
I did contact cement and green glitter.
Glue gun garland, star, and ornaments.
I also glue gunned some snow onto the garland and tree limbs and then painted it white.
christmas choo choo
Oooohhh... All finished and ready for the tree!!!
christmas choo choo
Merry Christmas!!!

Suggested materials:

  • 11 Soda Cans
  • Xacto Knife
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
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2 questions
  • Susan Bailey
    on Dec 12, 2016

    How do you keep from getting cut by the cans?

    • Ileen Stephens
      on Dec 12, 2016

      It really just wasn't a problem. The edges didn't even seem all that sharp. Maybe it was my scissors..?? The edges were only exposed while cutting. After that I used the glue gun to assemble them. The glue from the glue gun is pretty thick and so, from there all edges were covered and weren't even a concern. If you are going to try it yourself and are a bit concerned I would suggest using a pair of work gloves. I had gotten mine out thinking I may need them. I just didn't see need for them once I got started.

  • Casey Miller
    on Dec 14, 2016

    why not cardboard?

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  • Nancy
    on Jan 3, 2017

    I didn't see this till after Xmas but OMG!!! That is what I call creativity !! Just amazing. I am a copycat. I leave the actual crative part to people like you. I'd love to be in your head when you come up with this kind of stuff!! Keep up the good work so I can copy. Lol

    • Ileen Stephens
      on Jan 3, 2017

      There is no shame in copying. lol I do it too. I have even told my son that it is a good way to learn to do something in the first place. Thanx for the compliment.

  • Lisa House
    on Jan 26, 2017


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