Macrame Privacy Wall

Earlier this year I asked for suggestion for creating a separating wall between neighbors.
macrame privacy wall
My neighbor ran a cable from my garage to the house. I started by adding butcher's twine working strings. I was trying be consistent with spacing and the knots I used.
macrame privacy wall
I didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to keep my knots even. Normally, I work on a board on smaller projects, but working against the wind and the height was a real eye opener.
macrame privacy wall
I decided to go with panels so each would be different and add a little interest.
macrame privacy wall
I cannot tell you how many times I changed the patterns. Even then I was still not impressed with the outcome.
macrame privacy wall
It is very hard to keep the rows even. Again, the wind just takes the strings wherever it likes.
macrame privacy wall
I tried to use all of the knots in my repertoire to keep the "wall" interesting.
macrame privacy wall
When I thought I was "finished", I wrapped a 1/4" piece of conduit with the ending knots. After looking at the wall for a couple of months, I decided that next summer I would add 2 more panels and work on the ones I already knotted. The ultimate goal is to have Ivy, Honeysuckle, and cardinal climbers grow up the wall and create a little more privacy.

Suggested materials:

  • 3 Cones of Butcher's Twine  (Ace Hadware)
  • Cable  (had on hand)
  • 1/4" conduit  (had on hand)

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  • Deborah Kopcho
    on Mar 18, 2018

    why don’t you plant bamboo?

    • La streight
      4 days ago

      O bought one plant of bamboo . Bought a 3 inch base that grows to 30 ft. I have a lot now. I will be ready to harvedt a few canes next summer as their girth is good size now. I replanted lots of offshoots into tires stacked filled eith dirt standing on cement pad. They didnt survive my cold winter. So i replanted and am adfing covers over tires that i can stuff with paper toninsulate plus the vinyl covers look pretty. Anyway i eant to harvest canes to build garden structure. Fence covers etc. My bamboo ost me 25.00 for a small pot plant biy it when on dale end of season. I now have a small mini bamboo forrest in my garden area it is invasive but i am constantly replanting upshoots and will soon be harvesting for lots of beautiful useful things. Btw i tried se eral yesrs to get a cold hardy type to grow in my 4 season. CLimate this time its a winner. I have nibby neighbors and bamboo is PERFECT

  • I would love to see how his holds up before I start one. LOVE the look, especially the idea of honeysuckle. Did you apply some type of sealer to the twine?

  • Ella Hoven
    on Jul 31, 2018

    Does butches twine rot over time a short time, that sounds like a good idea,

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  • Itsmemic
    on May 19, 2018

    whoops..didn't mean the project was a are quite talented in the macrame !! But in my experience? Birds get caught up in all that material and can't get out.

  • Lowcntrygal
    on Aug 11, 2018

    I often see huge rolls of the fiberblend thin rope at auction, rather cheap and often wondered what I might be able to do with it. I've been trying to figure out some semblance of privacy and shading from the hot coastal Georgia sun, for my porches. There's plenty of options, but I've been wanting something unique. I buy canvas dropcloths when I see then rather cheap and think perhaps a combination of the macrame and dyed canvas panels may just be what I'm going to do. If it works out, I'll be posting it for sure.

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