15 Christmas Decor Ideas You Won't Have to Take Down

These ideas are so classy, you can keep them up all year round.

By Hometalk Highlights

This classy and rustic bucket planter

You can plant berries in the winter and flowers in the summer.

This three tiered stand made from dishes

The white dishes and wine glass looks very festive, but this adds some classy countertop storage.

This stunning ornament chandelier

The orbs are so classy you’ll want to hang them all year round.

This rustic window centerpiece

It’s so cute and chic, this looks good any day of the year.

This stenciled Christmas coffee table

You can change up the table top or keep this on all year.

These straw Christmas tree ornaments

They can double as outdoor wind chimes that would look good in the spring time, too.

This faux fireplace log

It’s cute and pretty, and it makes great decor for your living room.

Or these snow drift logs with melted crayons

These would look good in any fireplace and especially fill the area when the fireplace is not in use. (Country Design St

This wallpaper bookcase update

You can change it throughout the year depending on what you're in the mood for.

This glitter and glam candle holder

It looks great on your Christmas table, but it also works in any room.

This stencilled ceiling medallion

Sure, you’ll impress your guests this holiday, but why not keep it up afterward?

These adorable sparkly champagne glasses

The red and green ones say Christmas, but the gold ones can work at every toast.

This evergreen and leafy wreath

Want a wreath that works with every occasion? This is your answer.

Or this herb wreath with an aromatic scent

It smells so good, you’ll want to keep this on your door forever.

This pip berry centerpiece

It’s so simple and cute, you can just leave it on your table all year long.