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Easy Wire Storage Baskets

7 Materials
3 Hours

Sometimes I need to get my life in order. I saw these great wire bins for sale at a couple of various high end stores for a pretty penny and thought... eh ... I can make that. With that in mind I headed to the hardware store and bought some hardware cloth. These wire storage bins are a quick and easy way to make a fun storage option. You can hang these on the wall, or place them on a shelf, or even use them
wire storage baskets, crafts, storage ideas
SUPPLIES: -Hardware Cloth ( I had the smaller grid one on hand and thought I might as well use that for one bin and then bought the larger grid for some additional bins) -Scissors / Wire Cutters -Gloves -Slate Label Tags
wire storage baskets, crafts, storage ideas
STEP 1: Choose Your Measurements First, you need to decide how high and how wide and how deep you want each basket to be. I decided I wanted the height to be 7" the depth to be 7", and the width to be 13". This means that I needed to cut a piece that is 27" long and 21" wide out of the wire roll. Basically the dimensions are found by adding the width + the height + the height for one side. Then for the other side you need to add the height + the depth + the height. I know that sounds confusing, but I included a picture with some labels below to help a bit.
wire storage baskets, crafts, storage ideas
STEP 2: Cut a Square to Make a Corner For the side flaps you will need to cut out a square from each of the corners of your wire grid in the height you are looking for. Since I decided to have the height be 7" I cut out a 7x7 square from each corner. Make sure that each corner has one edge left flat and one with the pokes of the grid sticking out, so you can attach them to each other. STEP 3: Check all Measurements
wire storage baskets, crafts, storage ideas
Make sure that your wire grid is cut out correctly with all pieces matching up. It will look somewhat like a big plus sign. (I labeled the measurements for each cut I made so that hopefully steps 1 & 2 seem more simple.)
wire storage baskets, crafts, storage ideas
STEP 4: Bend It to Create Sharp Lines Now take each of the sides and bend them to create sharp edges for the bottom of the bin. You can use a ruler or book or something as a guide, but honestly it is pretty easy to bend it without.
wire storage baskets, crafts, storage ideas
STEP 5: Check to Make Sure Your Ends Meet Up Once you have created a nice crease for each edge you need to make sure each of the sides sits up well and lines up with it's neighboring side.
wire storage baskets, crafts, storage ideas
STEP 6: Connect the Corners Now take each corner and connect them to one another by bending the poking wire side around the flat side.
wire storage baskets, crafts, storage ideas
You can secure the twisted corners into place by using tweezers to curl them around the straight edge.
wire storage baskets, crafts, storage ideas
STEP 7: Attach Your Tag Grab your leather strung slate tag and feed it through the front of the bin and tie it into place.
wire storage baskets, crafts, storage ideas
STEP 8: Hang Them or Put Them Wherever You Want Now just hang them on your wall, label them, and fill them with whatever you wish!
wire storage baskets, crafts, storage ideas
The great part about these slates is that you can erase the chalk and relabel it, if you want to move them and use them elsewhere for something else!
wire storage baskets, crafts, storage ideas
Honestly, I think I am going to spray paint these a fun copper color at some point, but they are nice and rustic looking for now. You can of course make them smaller or larger depending on your needs.
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  • Monica Potts
    on Sep 18, 2017

    How do u attach to wall ?

    • Erin Bailey Stillman
      on Sep 10, 2018

      Make sure to use washers larger than the mesh so the screws don't pull through. (And the hole on the washer has to be smaller than the head of the screw.)

  • Margaret West
    on Mar 12, 2018

    How sturdy are they?

    • KD Redlowske
      on Mar 13, 2018

      Great idea. However, I wonder how sturdy they are too. If you were to put something a bit heavier than light winter items in the baskets, wouldn't the bottom of the basket sag?

  • Anniet
    on Sep 10, 2018

    Hi - The hardware cloth is pretty pricey from Amazon, how much did you need to buy, and, for how many bins? Thank you!

    • Alvin L
      on Sep 16, 2018

      My sister does plastic canvas you could use it instead of wire one drawback it’s normal white but I guess you could spay paint it or do what my sister does and make a design using yarn. The plastic canvas is really cheap to buy but yarn can be pricey. Just an idea

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  • Barb
    on Sep 13, 2018


  • Tracie
    31 minutes ago

    I've been looking for the perfect storage for under the church pew in my dining room. These will be perfect!! Great job thank you!

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