Remedy for Wallpaper Nightmare!

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We tried to remove wallpaper for years! We couldn't just paint over it and redoing the drywall was out of the question.
We used 8" strips of wood cut from 1/4" underlayment and painted white to get the shiplap look. My husband liked the wood but I wanted it white.
This was our first DIY project but couldn't be happier with the results!
Some gaps are a bit wider than others but I feel it adds character! I included some project pictures.
What a nightmare!
This was when we finally gave up on trying to remove the paper! Trust me we tried it all.
Corners were not a concern. Added 1/4 round.
We tried to space using coins but it wasn't always perfect. I think it added character! We started at the top and worked our way down completing one wall before moving on. We used liquid nail on the back and tacked down with paneling nails.
Perfect to us!
After hanging all the wood we added 1/4 round to corners and trim to top and bottom. We painted white and done! No more wallpaper!
Wall from first picture.
May not be perfect but much better than the wallpaper lurking behind the wood!

Suggested materials:

  • Thin underlayment.  (Home Depot)
  • Behr Premium Ultra white paint  (Home Depot)

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4 questions
  • Star
    on Dec 26, 2016

    Are your walls, under the wall paper, plaster& lath or Sheetrock? We have lath & everytime we try to remove UGLY vinyl wallpaper the plaster starts crumbling. Paint has peeled off the Vinyl paper. It's a rental that I'm willing to put some time & a little money into because the space is amazing. Thanks ANYBODY for an idea.

    • Patricia Schipf
      on Dec 26, 2016

      Wall paint was probably only first coat. Needed final coat or primer before paper ever used.

    • Sne7598662
      on Dec 26, 2016

      Mine had Sheetrock but in the spots we tried continually to remove the wallpaper it was down to the chalk layer inside the drywall. It was either replace the drywall or cover it completely. We chose the latter. Hope that helps. 😄

    • Joan LeVasseur
      on Dec 27, 2016

      I have lath and plaster and haven't had any problems removing wallpaper. I peel off most of the top layer of the paper then I wet the underneath paper and let it almost dry then wet it again and use a wide plastic tool to remove the under paper. I have done it many times. It just takes a while to do it.

    • Pat White
      on Dec 29, 2016

      Use vinegar and water and let the paper soak for a while

    • Pj
      on Jan 3, 2017

      Go to lowes buy Venetian plaster and apply over wall....sand down fill in gaps put more on sand again.....nice soft looking texture and new looking wall

    • Dalethomason
      on Jan 4, 2017

      I used pattern flat sheets & poster tape on ugly cement block walls In first apt. Friends took forever to figure it out, lol.

    • Stacy Hogan
      on Jan 11, 2017

      Downy and water in a spray bottle took off our wallpaper!

  • Teri Bliven
    on Dec 26, 2016

    What is the thin underlayment for?

  • Could you please tell me how to remove the popcorn ceiling in thing that what you call it please help

    • Sne7598662
      on Jan 9, 2017

      My ceiling is not popcorn it is stippled. Popcorn can be removed with moisture from what I've heard. Stippled can't be removed.

    • Dyana Wilson
      on Jan 13, 2017

      Wet popcorn ceiling and scrape off.

    • Patriciaclarkturner
      on Jan 17, 2017

      It looks easy from what I have seen on the TV shows. Spray small areas with a spray bottle wetting good. the just scrape off. Messy but easy. I suggest a drop cloth.

    • Patriciaclarkturner
      on Jan 17, 2017

      Also I saw someone suggest painting the wood first so the edges get covered good.

    • Kristine Kelley Bailey
      on Jul 23, 2017

      Always find out first if your popcorn ceiling has asbestos content before you try to remove it. There is a method of a scraper attached to a shopvac hose that sucks up the material while you are scraping, saving a huge mess from dropping to your head and floors.
  • Teresa Kelley
    on Jan 12, 2017

    What is Durabond? How does it work? I'm in Desperate need of wall repair due to old wallpaper in practically every room causing sheetrock damage! HELP Please THANKS

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