Fold Tin Foil for These Breathtaking Christmas Decor Ideas

All you need is tin foil to decorate for Christmas.

By Hometalk Highlights

These 3D shiny stars in different sizes

You can use these on your Christmas tree or string them into a garland.

These colorful candy canes

They make adorable and yummy tree ornaments.

This impressive mini Christmas tree

Get some colored foil for this great mantel tree.

These colorful spiky stars

They looks so cool and they have such great colors.

Or these silver ones

These foil polish stars look so cool and pretty.

This stunning copper leaf wreath

This wreath looks Greek and beautiful, and would look great on any door.

This six point star made from toilet paper

Cover bits of toilet paper and staple them together to make this cute little star.

These glittery and pretty trees

They look great on a coffee table as a cute touch of Christmas decor.

This embossed metal joy tag

These joy tags look so cute, we’re going to put them on all of our presents.

These sparkly and pointed flower ornaments

Place a little gem in the middle for some extra sparkle.

This cosmic mason jar lantern

Just place a tea light in for a fun mini lantern that gives off just enough light.

These mini trees covered in beads

These Christmas trees are so cute and sparkly.