Thanksgiving Decor (Using a Cast of Characters) Part Four

Welcome to part four of my series pertaining to using a cast of characters to create ambience in your succulent garden or anywhere within your home for Thanksgiving. In this past Wednesday's HT entry (part three), I concluded by asking you to please join me the day after tomorrow (Friday November 22nd 2013), when I welcome other "traditional" Thanksgiving characters to my succulent garden!
In the aforementioned entry, I discussed the fact "that pilgrims are also symbols for the Thanksgiving holiday" and for that reason a couple of Pilgrim JINGLE BUDDIES have been visiting my home for a number of years at Thanksgiving time. They can be seen in pictures one and two with this entry.
However, it is the antics of a pair of fraternal pilgrim twins who are (and have been for a number of yeas) visiting my succulent garden during this Thanksgiving holiday, that I will discuss in today's entry. I featured photo-ops of them in my part three of this series including the one found in picture three of this entry which I've included for easy reference.
Both of them have been highly concerned about the fate of a number of turkeys and especially at Thanksgiving time. Their attitude towards the beloved turkey reminds me of how Fern felt about the pending slaughter of her pig, Wilbur, in E.B. White's* classical book, Charlotte's Web.
And because my visiting pilgrim twins could not bear the idea of seeing the turkeys they loved being killed, they came up with a plan to get the turkeys out of town before the hunters arrived: they rode the turkeys to my succulent garden in the hopes that the hunters would think the turkeys were horses intended for transportation!
Their plan worked and they arrived at my home not on horse back but turkey back, then ultimately agreed to pose for a few photo-ops (image four through six) within my armoire before heading into my succulent garden.
Both of the twins are enjoying perusing my succulent garden (images seven and eight) on turkey back but Humpty Dumpty was (and continues to be) quite startled (image nine).
During these days leading up to Thanksgiving I will post more photo-ops of the pilgrim twins as well as the reactions of Mr.-Moon-In-The-Man, Claudia and Claude Crow as well as my resident musician, the bass playing frog.
All of the aforementioned characters have been included in former posts here on HT, but please stay tuned to hear their story-lines as we approach Thanksgiving.
(BTW, for purchase Info on all of these figurines — except for JINGLE BUDDIES — please call Steve Mohr at 212-580-8404)
* E.B. White Info on TLLG"s Blog @
AND on TLLG's tumblr Pages @
Another image featuring this lil' guy was included in a TLLG FB Post @
Another image featuring this lil' gal was included in a TLLG FB Post @
This image was first seen in an HT post @
Pilgrim Fraternal Twins Turkey-Back Riding View One
Pilgrim Fraternal Twins Turkey-Back Riding View Two
Pilgrim Fraternal Twins Turkey-Back Riding View Three
Pilgrim girl rides her turkey in my succulent garden.
Pilgrim boy rides his turkey in my succulent garden.

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