Complete Kitchen Remodel for $4500

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4 Weeks

Learn how I created my dream kitchen and completely upgraded everything replacing old appliances, countertops, and new paint on the cabinets for $4500.
Watch the video above!
Here are some tips I used to completely remodel my kitchen for less than $4,500.
1. Don't assume you need new cabinets. Sure, IKEA cabinets are "inexpensive" but you'll save yourself $3000-4000 dollars if you can sand and and refinish the cabinets you already have. I removed all my cabinets, sanded, primed and painted. New hardware can also make a big difference. So ask yourself, are my cabinets in good shape? Is this an option? Saving 4K here means more upgrades elsewhere.
2. DIY the heck out of It! I saved a lot of money doing things myself. Tile back splashes are a great way to update a space and give your kitchen a clean modern look. Check out my YouTube Channel Tutorials or Home Depot even offers free classes! Take advantage of your own two hands and put some sweat-equity into your kitchen.
The thing about a budget is that it can be hard to stick to. Do the best you can, but be realistic and try to do your homework ahead of time. I tried to be overly conservative to compensate for the little things I knew I was missing. Get quotes and look around. There are lots of deals on the internet, and since I was a new homeowner there were tons of coupons coming to me in the mail -- Thanks Home Depot!
So how did I spend my budget?
$2200 Countertops (From Chop Bloc)
$1000 Labor
$700 Appliances (Used)
$300 Paint
$130 Random Things
$110 Hardware
$35 House Plants
$0 Rug (Gifted - thanks Mom!)
$4,475 TOTAL
SO. MUCH. YELLOW! This kitchen has great bones though and I love all the light and open space. I wanted to update and make it feel modern and warm on a tight budget.
3. Craigslist. I saved some major cash by buying some of my appliances on Craigslist. Make sure your VERY careful about who and what you buy though. I discovered after buying my oven for $350 and installing it that it didn't work. Avoid people who seem like they're doing this as a regular business. I scored on a fridge ($250) and microwave ($80) from a couple remodeling their own kitchen and wanting top of the line upgrades.
4. Splurge where it counts. I spent some serious cash ($2,200) on my mahogany countertops from Chop Block. They're my absolute favorite part of my kitchen and what makes my space unique and special. Decide what is most important to you, and what you want your focal point to be and don't be cheap.
5. Kitchen rugs and other homey touches. I believe firmly that all kitchens deserve a beautiful rug. There are other fun touches you can add to bring warmth and love to your space that make a world of difference and don't cost much. Add a Persian rug, house plants, or even a small lamp to the countertop. You'll love it. I promise.
Oiling my countertops from ChopBlock!
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PS: For those of you thinking about butcher block countertops, or curious what maintenance is like, here's how I take care of mine.

Suggested materials:

  • Chop Block Butcher Block Counters  (

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  • Claire Bright
    on Jul 16, 2017

    How do they keep the drawer from hitting the dishwasher handle?
    • Loretta
      on Jul 7, 2020

      I have similar in my kitchen. The dishwasher door needs to be completely closed before my drawer will open.

  • Brian Dellinger
    on Dec 22, 2017

    What type of paint and colors did you use for your cabinets? I’m a huge DIYer and I refinished my cabinets about a year ago. I used the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation kits from Home Depot, frost white for uppers and castle gray for lowers. I found the kits easy to use and give you professional looking results. Just curious as to what you used because yours came out looking amazing, great job.
    , After I also tiled the backsplash and used a countertop refinishing kit called Spreadstone by Daisch Coatings from Home Depot available online The countertops were the easiest DIY project, Before too much white and beige not too mention the guy who flipped to home hired cheap painters who didn t do a good job They used a cheap semi gloss interior paint on the cabinets it would have peeled off in time
  • Momo s
    on Oct 17, 2018

    I like the countertops, but had no sound on the video..just me?

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  • Joanie
    on Apr 5, 2018

    Your kitchen IS beautiful! It was nice and bright before.......I like that, but. that is me. Your happy, I'm happy,,,,,,,I'm HAPPY!!

  • Barbara Van Kampen
    on Nov 21, 2018

    Wow! You did a great job, your hard work really paid off! My favorite thing is the same as yours - the countertops! ❤️ Idea: if you win the lottery or something, consider buying a counter-depth refrigerator. It makes a big difference in our kitchen!

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