You'll Rethink Your Kitchen Color When You See These Paint Combos

We're totally inspired to paint our kitchen now.

By Hometalk Highlights

Before: A small corner kitchen with no color

This tiny kitchen felt very cramped with the dark wood cabinets.

After: A bright and blue and quaint design

The white paint helped brighten this tiny space, while the blue countertops and decor livened it up.

Before: A long, thin and brown island

This island was too long, and the fading brown wood wasn’t doing anything for it.

After: A red and white piece of beauty

With the red paint and a white marble top, this island is now the center of the kitchen.

Before: Your standard colored kitchen

This was a pretty kitchen, but there was no “wow factor” when you walked in.

After: A stunning Caribbean blue

Not only does it contrast the cream walls, but that color would look stunning anywhere.

Before: A white and brown kitchen

This kitchen was on it’s way to being redone, but that beautiful brown wood wasn’t working.

After: A cool contrast of blue and white

The blue walls allowed for the white paint to really show, and kept everything feeling fresh.

Before: A blinding white kitchen nook

This kitchen was way too white for anyone’s taste.

After: A cobalt blue to break up the white

She didn’t even have to touch the cabinets to transform this rental kitchen.

Before: Beautiful but old oak cabinets

This was a beautiful kitchen, but the wood wasn’t modern enough.

After: A black and white two-toned kitchen

This kitchen looks sleek and modern with the two cabinet colors.

Before: Tired oak cabinets and yucky laminate

The laminate was peeling and the oak had seen better days.

After: A turquoise and white bright kitchen

It’s just so beautiful and open, we can’t stop looking at this color combo.